Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the POULTRY REX Green Fever Edition, a new factory-painted collaboration between TAG and pop art visionary Ron English. Is it the missing link, or just the natural evolution of the great beasts of the past? You decide!

POULTRY REX stands 8 inches tall with articulation at the arms, tail and feet. The factory-painted Green Fever edition is extremely limited and will be available this Friday, 6/23 at 12PM PST for $125, only at


Toy Art Gallery is proud to announce a new glow-in-the-dark edition of Candie Bolton's OH MY! YOKAI: NIGHT PARADE! The GLOW GANG edition of 2" gachas are cast in bright, glowy GID unpainted vinyl!

The set of Kitsura, Tanuki, Kawauso, Bakekujira, and Tengu is available this Friday 5/12 for $50 only at!